Our Story

It all started when God moved a group of people to come together who saw a need to offer this community a Bible based, Christ-centered, non-denominational local church.

It was the heart of the people to worship God, mature in Christlikeness and to reach out into the community with the life-changing gospel message.

What We Believe


We believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God.


Although God’s Word clearly teaches that there is only one true God, it also makes clear that there is a plurality of Persons (trinity) within the Godhead.



The Father of all in creation. He cares for and planned the government of everything. He sent His Son to this world on a redemptive mission.  


God became a human being, through the Person of Jesus Christ. He had a human body (now a glorified body), a soul, and a spirit. He was tempted in all points as we are, yet He never chose to sin.

Christ gives grace and mercy and saves those who come to Him in true faith alone. His death on the cross defeated and conquered death’s power over believers. 


The Holy Spirit convicts the world in regard to sin, righteousness, and judgment. He regenerates those who believe and baptizes them into the body of Christ. He indwells, gifts, and enables every believer.  


God created man, male and female, in His image.  Originally, man possessed a holy nature, but through sin this nature was marred. Thus, all mankind has inherited a fallen nature which has an aversion to God. Man’s only hope for redemption, restoration, and eternal well-being is a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.


God’s desire is that all men everywhere repent. 

Repentance involves acknowledging personal sin, confessing your sin, and turning to God. As a result of repentance, God forgives, pardons, and blesses with His indwelling presence.


All believers compose the church or body of Christ.  However, there are many local expressions of the church for practical worship, fellowship, edification, and outreach. We would encourage every believer to actively identify with a local expression of the Body of Christ for accountability, fellowship, growth, and outreach. The major purpose of the church is to worship and glorify God. This is done as each individual member is maturing in Christ-likeness and is using his gifts to minister to others in service and outreach.  


Our Lord gave many instructions for individual believers.  Two instructions (ordinances) we will practice as a body of believers are the Lord’s Supper and baptism.

We practice baptism by immersion, which we believe best pictures the believers’ identification with our Lord in His death, burial, and resurrection. We believe baptism is for those who have personally acknowledged Christ as Savior and Lord.  

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Our Mission

NCC exists to know God, worship Him, progress in Christ-likeness, and represent Him in everyday living. We desire to see people in our community respond to the gospel, mature in Christ, and become equipped for a Christ-centered productive life and ministry.